Registration is CLOSED

But, will open EARLY June

There's more to this than just a bike ride.

Friday Night Check In -- The Baltimore Bicyling Club will have check-in for registered Civil War Century riders at the Mountain Gate Restaurant from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Ask for us when you enter the restaurant and enjoy yourself in a separate room we will have in the back. You're welcome to join us for the buffet which is "pay as you go". Hope to see you there! Once you check in on Friday night, you are good for "Show & Go" Saturday morning. If you do not make it by 8:00 PM, you can check-in in the morning.

SAG Service -- According to Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary a Sag Wagon is: A car or truck that picks up or otherwise assists riders who have had to stop riding due to injury or mechanical failure. We couldn't have said it better. The Baltimore Bicycling Club will have radio equipped SAG wagons patrolling all routes. Thanks to the Columbia Amateur Radio Association (CARA) for providing all communications. Their radio operators will be working hard in each SAG and at each Rest Stop. You need to be well prepared for which ever ride you do. Things SAG drivers don't want to hear are: "I didn't know it would be so hard", "Those are really long climbs", or "I should have trained more" because they are very busy with riders that are injured or need repairs.

Mechanical Support -- Mechanics are on duty at the ride start and selected rest stops to perform minor repairs.

Rest Stops & Food -- There are four food stops on the full century, three on the three-quarter and metric centuries, two on the half-century, and one on the quarter-century. All food stops are fully stocked with sandwiches, a variety of snacks, and locally-grown fresh fruit from Scenic View Orchards. Every Rest Stop / Food Stop has restroom facilities.


Thurmont Finish -- When you get back to the Finish in Thurmont, the riding is over but not the fun or the food. Volunteers will be offering sandwiches and drinks. And that big truck in the background of the picture on the left is serving that ever-popular ice cream for returning riders.

Music -- At the end of the ride, relax and enjoy musical tunes by "The Liam Flynn Review". A Bluegrass group featuring Luke Chohany on guitar/mandolin, Mimi Cukier on fiddle, Jay Blincoe on banjo, Chris Heaney on mandolin/guitar, Will Meadors on bass, and David Whitaker on Dobro/resonator guitars.

Massage -- Massage therapists again will be available to perform massages for a fee at the conclusion of the ride.

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